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How Should You Look At the Quotation Offered By Your Conveyancer

August 1st, 2014

People who are not familiar with various legal processes involved in buying or selling of any immovable property will find it difficult to make any kind of deal while getting involved in such situation. While buying your first house you will get to know about all steps that are required to follow with the help of an experienced conveyancing solicitor.

Bidding on a home

Most of the difficult steps in making the paper work will be carried out by a professional conveyancer, who will make the entire process hassle free.  He will also be responsible for any mistake committed during the process and help you in every possible way.

However, due to the presence of plenty of conveyancing companies in the market, this business has become quite competitive. Therefore, you will find their quotations are really difficult to comprehend by ordinary people, who are not familiar with various legal processes. Many quotes may appear to be cheaper, but in reality, it may not be so. Therefore, it is necessary that common person must understand its various hidden matter, so that they are not cheated at the end of the day.

What are the basic components?

Let us now look at the various basic components of the quotation offered by any conveyancing solicitor. Most of the solicitor will demand either fixed fee for his services or demand fees based on hours spent by him. Some of them may also demand their fee based on the percentage of the value of the property. However, as a rule you must consider the proposal where the solicitor is demanding fixed charges for his service fee instead of the fee based on the time spent by him.

The next component is disbursement fee, which always remains fixed and you cannot negotiate this fee, as the amount has to be paid by your conveyancer to local authorities on behalf of you.

What tricks conveyancer generally adopt

Generally, most of the conveyancer will not provide the breakup of their quotation. They will just provide the total charges without mentioning their servicing charges and disbursement fees. Therefore, in all such cases you must ask them to provide breakup of their quotation. That will give you proper picture about their quotation.

Some of the solicitors may also offer no sale – no fee, which should be clearly mentioned in their quote. In all such cases, if your property is not transacted due to any reason then you need not pay the fee to your conveyancer.

Be alert while going through the quotation

Many conveyancing companies may play different tricks while offering their quote. Therefore, it is important that you must read all the fine prints of their terms and conditions very carefully and understand them before agreeing to them. You must be fully aware about various charges that you need to pay while availing their services.

This will help you protect your interest and you will not end up paying very high charges for conveyancing. Also, you must get as many quotations as possible from different companies, so that you can choose the best company in the field.

Author’s Bio:

Tom Gardner has written many blog posts on topics related conveyancing properties and the role of professional and experienced conveyancers. To understand the cost involved in the transfer of property title, kindly visit their website.

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