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Canadian Laws You Should Know

March 2nd, 2015

Whether you’re a young person brought up and studying in Canada, or you’re thinking of relocating to this beautiful country, there are certain important laws which you should know. Apart from knowing smaller and more interesting facts such as the bill to change the term “pardon” to “record suspension”, here are some of the most practical laws that you can make yourself familiar with.


Driving Laws


If you’re a driver coming from another country, it’s important to recognise any laws which might be different from those of your own country. In Canada, you are required to have insurance, a driver’s license and registration in order to be on the road. Everybody in the car must wear a seat belt while inside the vehicle, and if you’ve been drinking alcohol, you’re not allowed to drive. Breaking these rules could result in a fine or even been banned from driving.

If you have children in your car at any point, even if they’re not your own children, they must be seated in appropriate car seats with proper belts. The seat must be the correct one for the height and weight of the child. You can discover which seats you need at your local store, where shop assistants will be happy to help you.


Drinking and Smoking


In certain parts of Canada, such as Quebec, the legal drinking age is 18; however, in many other parts, it’s 19. You must be careful that you know what the legal drinking age is in your area if you’re under 19, and if you plan to travel to different provinces, be aware that what it legal is your home town may very well get you into trouble once you start travelling.

Smoking is allowed in some public places, but in the main, it’s not allowed in any public places. Be sure not to smoke in elevators or on buses and other forms of public transport. Apart from putting other people in danger, you also run the risk of getting yourself into trouble too.




Always show respect to the police and co-operate with them if anything happens. If you’re being wrongfully arrested, fighting against the police is one of the worst things that you can do.

In some countries, bribing the police with money in commonplace; however, in Canada and many other Western countries, this is certainly not the case. It is considered a very serious crime to try and give money to the police officers in order to get yourself out of a crime. Avoid doing so, and avoid breaking any of the minor laws or important ones which have been mentioned on this list. Obeying the law will ensure that you have a happy and peaceful stay in Canada.


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